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By utilizing the expertise and guidance of a CTO as a service, businesses can tap into a valuable resource that enables them to unlock innovation and propel their overall growth and success.

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How we can help you?

Utilize the expertise of our technology leaders to accelerate your product and technology development roadmap and enhance your business growth.

Tech strategy and implementation

Since we started, we have helped 50+ businesses across a variety of industries, including healthcare and life sciences, finance, banking, insurance, e-commerce and retail, automotive, and many more. Our solid technology strategy can help companies stay competitive and relevant in their market, while implementation ensures that the strategy is put into action and delivers tangible results.

Team management and Nurturing

We can help you grow by nurturing your team and creating a positive work environment where employees feel valued and supported. We can help you foster high-performing teams, improve employee engagement and retention, and ultimately drive business success.

Cost and expenditure optimization

Our experienced experts can help you identify and prioritize expenses, set financial goals and targets, and monitor spending to ensure that costs remain within budget. We can help you stay agile, adapt to changing market conditions, maximize resources, and achieve financial goals.

Business alignment and strategy

Our experienced leadership team can help you define the long-term goals and objectives of the business and create a plan to achieve them. This includes analysing the market and competition, identifying opportunities and risks, and developing a roadmap for growth and success.

How we do it


Identifying Experts.

We start the process by identifying the needs of the organization, and according to the needs, we identify domain experts who have specialized knowledge and experience in a particular field or industry. This process involves developing a strategy and conducting research to determine the key players and thought leaders in the domain.


Discovering and Developing Roadmaps.

Our identified team of experts will actively participate in all in-house ongoing stakeholder discussions, meetings, and cadences. They will leverage their expertise to quickly identify gaps and areas for improvement, and develop an efficient roadmap that aligns with both short- and long-term business goals.


Executing and implementing.

By taking a proactive approach to identifying opportunities for improvement and aligning the product roadmap with business goals, our team can help drive success and growth for the organization. By leveraging the expertise of domain experts, businesses and projects can gain a competitive advantage and increase their chances of success.

CTO as a Service: Who can benefit from this?

CTO as a Service is an ideal solution for startups, medium-sized companies, and large enterprises, enabling them to make cost-effective, productive, and flexible decisions. However, CTO as a service is not limited to smaller enterprises; it can also bring substantial benefits to medium and larger corporations.

For Startups

CTO as a Service is the ideal solution for startups that prioritize rapid growth. Our services can assist them in building and nurturing diverse in-house and offshore teams, ultimately leading to increased business revenue. With our expertise, startups can benefit from the guidance of experienced technology leaders without the need for a full-time CTO.

For Medium Companies

Introducing external leadership can provide medium-level companies with valuable solutions to address their current operational challenges and foster team growth for further expansion. Our services aim to assist these companies by bringing in experienced leaders who can identify and address operational issues effectively.

For Larger Enterprises

CTO as a Service offers significant advantages for larger enterprises, helping them minimize operational challenges and effectively address technical issues while managing larger teams. Our services provide expert guidance and strategic leadership to navigate complex technological landscapes.

DATAABSOLUTE'S Competitive Advantage

We prioritize delivering exceptional and reliable solutions to meet your business needs. With our extensive expertise in the IT industry, we have a proven track record of successfully supporting organizations of all sizes and industries.

Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to provide top-notch IT services, including Salesforce Implementation, Data Engineering & Analytics, Cloud Engineering, IOT, Application Engineering, QA & Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Workflow Automation, Data Integration and many more.

Easy start with low risk

Easy start with low risk

Having a dedicated and an expert team, We proffer the best assistance to a pilot and small budget project with our skillful development process.

We understand your business

We understand your business

We understand the challenges and goals of their potential customers and can provide customized solutions to meet their needs. We help to build trustable relationships.

Engineering expertise

Engineering expertise

Whether it is database designs, writing algorithms, patterns, user interfaces or technology suggestions, our engineers are experts to communicate and have inventive ideas for you.

No compromise with processes

No compromise with processes

We use a combination of scrum-based, Kanban, waterfall, iterative and well-established practices, such as continuous integration, QA Automation and much more.

Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration

Seamless integration with your in-house team with three hours of guaranteed overlap.

High-employee retention

High-employee retention

Our Glassdoor rating (4.7/5) tells a better story than our words ever will. Happy engineers = higher employee retention, we understand that.

IP protection

IP protection

Your vision and intellectual property is 100% protected with NDAs and non-competes.

Handpick your team

Handpick your team

Find best-match engineers for your team. Request code samples or interview to decide who gets to join your squad.

Performance tracking

Performance tracking

Monitor progress with daily standups, weekly sprints and demos. Jira, Asana, Monday, Rally: we adopt the project management tools you prefer.

Software architecture & scale

Software architecture & scale

We have architected scalable & easy to maintain software systems for startups serving millions of customers.

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